World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO)
Through its Committee of Education and Training, supports the academic activities of the WGO La Paz Training Center, providing lectures and scholarships.»

Bolivian-Japanese Institute of Gastroenterology (I.G.B.J. La Paz)
It is headquarters of the WGO La Paz Training Center since 2005 and it is operator of training programs.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Supports to IGBJ on training programs of WGO La Paz Training Center, providing complete scholarships to young professional specialists from Latin America.

Bolivian Society of Gastroenterology (SBG)
As a member of the WGO, it is nexus with institution that governs specialty worldwide.»


Dra. Virginia Berdeja

Dr. Oscar Calderón

Dra. Moira Ibargüen

Dr. James Köller

Dr. José Luis Laserna

Dr. Ernesto Loza

Dr. Rubén Muñoz

Dra. Blanca Olaechea

Dr. Javier Pabón

Dr. Javier Peres Velasco

Dr. Jorge Prado

Dra. Amparo Rejas

Dr. Gustavo Vidales

Dr. Guido Villa-Gómez