World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO)
Through its Committee of Education and Training, supports the academic activities of the WGO La Paz Training Center, providing lectures and scholarships.»

Bolivian-Japanese Institute of Gastroenterology (I.G.B.J. La Paz)
It is headquarters of the WGO La Paz Training Center since 2005 and it is operator of training programs.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Supports to IGBJ on training programs of WGO La Paz Training Center, providing complete scholarships to young professional specialists from Latin America.

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

Pan American Organization of Gastroenterology (OPGE)
Grants scholarships for training at WGO La Paz Training Center, according to specific call.»

Bolivian Society of Gastroenterology (SBG)
As a member of the WGO, it is nexus with institution that governs specialty worldwide.»


  • • The WGO offers 4 annual scholarships to specialists from Latin America (for a period of four months each).
a) Application procedure

The applicant must send the documentation established below to the following emails:

Dr. Guido Villa Gómez, Director La Paz WGO Training Center:

The documentation must include the following:
  • • Basic requirements (established in Section 2.)
  • • Application form duly completed:
  • • Resume
All documents must be duly completed and signed, otherwise the application will not be considered.

b) Application requirements
  • • Photocopy of identity document or passport.
  • • Photocopy of a gastroenterology specialist certification. They can be considered digestive surgeons with training and practice in digestive endoscopy.
  • • Letter of introduction of a Gastroenterology and / or Digestive Endoscopy Service at the university level, public or private.
  • • Letter of introduction of the Society of Gastroenterology and / or Digestive Endoscopy of its country of origin, only in case of being affiliated.
  • • Medical certification of good health, both physical and mental.

c) Selection criteria

It is the responsibility of the Selection Committee to award the scholarships. The fellows will be chosen on the basis of the documentation submitted and evaluated by the aforementioned Committee, made up of the organizing institutions.

The main criteria to be considered are:
  • • Timely submission of all the requested documentation.
  • • Professional profile related to the area of ​​knowledge related to the subject.
  • • Possibilities of application and replication of the knowledge and skills acquired in the field of work of the applicant.
  • • Relationship of the applicant with welfare, teaching and research institutions in their respective countries.
Note.- Once the scholarship has been accepted, it may be withdrawn only for reasons of force majeure, notifying the Organization with a prudent time so that the vacancy can be relocated, and in that way, it can benefit the greatest amount of specialists

d) Aspects to be considered by the scholarship specialists

  • • The scholarship awarded is individual. No companions are allowed to the Course.
  • • The inquiries and possible obtaining of the visa to enter the Plurinational State of Bolivia, if necessary, will be the responsibility of the fellow. It is suggested to contact the authorities of your country or the Bolivian Consulate to confirm if you need a visa to enter the country.
  • • Confirm in your country, the obligatory nature of a vaccine for your trip, with special consideration to the countries in which it will be in transit.
  • • Comply with the work agenda during their stay in Bolivia, 100% attendance at the Training Program, as well as the assigned tasks before and after it.
  • • It is the responsibility of each participant to take care of its belongings and personal belongings during the entire stage of the course.
  • • None of the organizing institutions can be held responsible for theft, damage, loss or theft.